Step into the future of healthcare

Step into the future of healthcare

Walk-ins always welcome. Walk out with what you need.

No appointment needed, just enter and press START. Our OnMed clinicians will join you immediately via our interactive screen to introduce themselves and walk you through your entire appointment. Your visit will be private, safe and secure and the OnMed Care Station room will automatically clean and sanitize itself after you leave for the next patient.

Meds in minutes

OnMed’s proprietary robotic dispensary system allows our clinicians to provide you with the necessary OTC or prescription medications at the time of your visit.

Your vitals matter

OnMed’s care visit includes real-time measurements of your key vitals for an accurate diagnosis and treatment experience. Your key health metrics are displayed instantly on the screen.

The OnMed Care Station Experience

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    The OnMed Care Station is carefully sanitized using UV lighting

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    Privacy when in use with LCD glass that is fogged completely when activated

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    Services available to anyone, anywhere, including rural and remote areas

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    Works with major insurance and only a fraction of the cost of a traditional doctor's office visit

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    HIPAA compliant transfer and storage of all patient data using advanced encryption technology

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    Open 7 days a week with extended hours and no appointment needed