Our story

Step into the future of healthcare

OnMed was founded on the commitment to make quality affordable healthcare accessible to all. The company was born out of an innovative spirit and belief that it could create a more effective way for people to receive care, including getting the medications they need quickly. Our goal was to create a patient experience that maintained clinical standards and protocols to provide a highly personalized empathy-based clinician-patient connection. The OnMed Virtual Care Platform utilizes a broad range of diagnostic and interactive technologies to ensure a highly efficient and effective experience, but does not sacrifice the real-life dynamics of a traditional brick and mortar clinic setting.

Beyond designing a new Primary Care model and patient experience with the OnMed platform, we also envisioned a new professional opportunity for clinicians to practice medicine and serve patients without the normal constraints or requirements of working inside hospitals or clinics. Going forward, OnMed will continue to expand the breadth of care provided and clinical needs addressed through new technologies and services, along with our on going commitment to deliver the best patient experience possible.

Innovation for real

Over 31 Million people in the U.S. alone do not have access to healthcare. At OnMed, we believe everyone has a right to affordable convenient care. This real problem can only be solved with real innovation. That’s why we combined the best of interactive and diagnostic technology, with the medical expertise and empathy of our dedicated clinicians. Together, we’re opening the door to better health everywhere. That’s innovation for real.

Leadership Team

Karthik Ganesh

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Gruverman

President / Chief Commercial Officer

Ashley Christy

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Agnello

Chief People Officer & Employment Counsel

Jaime Dictenberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Anna Younger

Chief Product Officer

Steve Johnston

General Counsel