A real connection

A real connection

Qualified clinicians. Quality care.

As a part of OnMed, you can provide high-quality care for patients through one-on-one virtual consultations, in real-time. The clinician and patient connection is crucial to our success and yours. Every interactive exam utilizes medical-grade diagnostics specifically designed to take vitals and key biometrics, allowing you to address patient health concerns accurately and quickly. Our on-site dispensary also lets you prescribe and deliver most medications directly to patients in minutes.

Better access means better health

Access to Primary Care can be difficult for many, not to mention costly. In rural and remote communities it may not even be within reach at all. That’s why we’re on a mission to make quality care affordable and accessible for everyone. Join us in our mission by applying now.

Make the living room your waiting room

We value your expertise, and know that patients everywhere need it. When you work at OnMed, you’ll have more flexibility compared to traditional hospitals and brick-and-mortar clinics, without sacrificing the core principles of the clinician-patient relationship. Now you can set your own schedule and even work from your home office, utilizing our proprietary remote interactive technology and tools.

Onboarding at OnMed

We use our technology as a means to best serve our patients. But the OnMed experience is nothing without human compassion and empathy. We will provide you with all the training you need to use the diagnostics systems of our OnMed Care Stations to examine, diagnose and offer the treatment that patients can trust, just like a typical doctor’s visit.