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At OnMed, we truly believe in innovation for real. That’s why we created a personalized patient experience where every virtual care consultation feels more like a traditional doctor’s visit. We provide a blend of primary and urgent care services and serve as an affordable and accessible alternative to traditional brick and mortar clinics.

Innovation for Real

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We create real connections between patients and clinicians, virtually anywhere

The OnMed Care Station provides a more personalized virtual care experience and connects patients directly with live certified clinicians whenever they need it. All OnMed Care Stations are available 7 days a week with extended hours and no appointment needed. Every examination is one-on-one in real-time, and we can address 85% of a typical Primary Care visit, including all key biometrics and vitals. Patients can also receive needed Over The Counter (OTC) and most prescription medications at the time of visit.

How it Works

Getting Care at an OnMed Care Station is simple

  1. An OnMed Care Station
    Walk In

    Walk right up and enter the OnMed Care Station at any time. No appointment necessary.

  2. Man touching start button on touchscreen
    Press Start

    Just press START to connect with a certified clinician on live video in real-time to begin your private visit.

  3. Woman taking her own vitals in OnMed Care Station
    Get Exam

    Have your vitals taken, including blood pressure, pulse, body temperature and respiration rate and interact with our clinician.

  4. Man walking out of station with meds
    Walk Out

    Walk out with OTC medicine and most prescriptions filled right on the spot, from our secure dispensary.

Woman having blood pressure taken

Always welcome. Always On.

Our OnMed Care Station is like stepping into a mini doctor’s office. No appointment needed. We can diagnose and treat most common conditions and can even dispense most of your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications right on the spot, eliminating a trip to the pharmacy.

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Practice everywhere. See your patients anywhere.

The quality of our care is not just for our customers, because we’ve created a new way for clinicians to serve and connect with patients, in real-time, through a life-sized virtual experience. We also provide medical-grade diagnostics so you can give real professional care. Our OnMed Care Stations even allow you to prescribe and dispense most prescriptions and over-the-counter medications immediately through our secure, on-site dispensary.

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A different kind of Primary Care. A new kind of solution.

We deliver personalized virtual care solutions, so you can offer comprehensive healthcare on-demand. OnMed is easy to install and fully operational in no time, ready to serve your community and population, members, company employees, business patrons, or even students on campus. Our OnMed Care Station can be customized to your brand and features a modern design that’s sleek and aesthetically pleasing. It's also cost-effective compared to traditional brick and mortar clinics. OnMed provides access to quality affordable care wherever you need it.

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Tuskegee University has a long history of bringing trusted healthcare to rural spaces in the state of Alabama and worldwide, hosting the very first OnMed Station in the state of Alabama is another affirmative step that Tuskegee University has taken to build on our community and strategic partnerships…

- Dr. Charlotte P. Morris - President, Tuskegee University

Expanding nationwide

We are fully committed to making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all, so we’re always growing and expanding. If you’re interested in learning more about OnMed and our innovative Virtual Care Platform, and how it can solve your health care needs, send us your information and we’ll get back to you shortly. We can even set up a demonstration.

Opening more doors to healthcare for everyone