OnMed IS


HIPAA compliant transfer and storage of patient data utilizing advanced encryption technology


Capable of operating 24/7. The clinician is always in, waiting for you and so is your medication


Board certified or board eligible doctors fully licensed in the state where the OnMed station is located

We are a technology company with more than a decade of experience delivering health care services in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico. We believe in the power of using innovation to connect patients with clinicians. However, we are also keenly aware of the complex legislative and regulatory challenges and have come to understand the limitations of consumer-focused telemedicine in its current form.

Simply put – sometimes the phone is not the answer. That revelation was the driving force behind the creation of OnMed® and gave birth to the OnMed Station. We have created a virtual life-sized, real-time encounter between the patient and clinician and knocked down many barriers of telemedicine along the way while maintaining and nurturing what’s most important – a convenient, affordable real clinician-patient connection resulting in quality care. With OnMed finally, you can afford to get sick.


The OnMed® station is the only self-contained medical unit in the world currently using patented technologies to directly connect patients with doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists for both consultative needs and on-site prescriptions.

The OnMed station utilizes advanced technology, including thermal imaging and facial recognition, to provide patients with a safe, private, and secure consultation with a licensed clinician. An ultra-high definition camera ensures the patient and clinician experience a real-time eye to eye connection. These same high-definition cameras also make it possible for the clinician to look down a patient’s throat or even examine a tiny skin lesion in detail.

If necessary, not only can the clinician provide a script, but the station itself can safely dispense hundreds of common prescription medications with the approval of a clinician or pharmacist through a secure, robotically automated vault.


Switchable glass and directional speakers safeguard the patients privacy


Typically, costs less than a walk-in clinic, doctor’s office or an emergency room visit


Full air and surface sanitation of the OnMed® Station utilizing ultraviolet technologies


Advanced diagnostics far exeeding current telemedicine standards


Who We Are

Austin White

President / CEO

Dr. Gwendolyn Casanova

Chief Medical Officer

Roxanne Ramos

Deputy Medical Officer

Leonard Solie

Chairman Of The Board

Jules Zarzuela

Director of Human Resources

Ryan Brock

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Royals


Shannon Quinteiro


Tiffany Klein

Executive Administrative Assistant

Chris Tate

Director of Software Development

Abby White

Director of Social Media

Chris Smith

Director of Network Security & Administration

Kelsey Nguyen

Nurse Practitioner

Christina Battafarano

Nurse Practitioner

Nicole Spall

Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Vinalon

Nurse Practitioner

Brianna Pena

CNA Team Lead

Dallas Barber

Medical Intake Trainer

Julia Travis

Medical Intake Trainer

Jessica Medina

Medical Intake Trainer

Kelly Cressman

Nurse Practitioner

Krystal Solie

Patient Services RN, BSN

Jarod Odell

Lead Field Tech

Caroline Guiddy

Asst. HR Director

Breanna New

Medical Intake Trainer

Stephanie Vold

Medical Intake Trainer

Doug Smith

Chief Communications Officer

Kathryn Marcino

Nurse Practitioner

Chet Askey

Director of Engineering

Ana Echavarri

Patent Engineer

John Rizvi, Esq.

Patent Lawyer

Charles A. “Cam” Moore, III

Legal Advisory

Rowland Hanson

Co-Founder/Chairman of the Advisory Board

Bobby Tinsley

Business Advisory

Robert Zaccardo

Business Advisory

Tim J. Klace, CPA


Evan Madow

Business Advisory

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