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OnMed is a convenient virtual healthcare solution for sponsor partners including Government Agencies, Payers, Providers, Large Employers, Colleges and Universities and high-traffic venues. We deliver sponsors and patients with a meaningful cost-saving solution for the challenges of the current brick-and-mortar Primary Care delivery model. OnMed can deliver care to communities and patients where access and availability are difficult, even in rural and remote areas.

Easy to set up

OnMed Care Stations are easy to install and provide comprehensive virtual care services 7 days a week with extended hours, when and where patients need it most. Our simple and modern design has almost no physical requirements - just an outlet and an internet connection. We account for the unique needs of our sponsors by offering a variety of hardware configurations, from hard wire or satellite internet connectivity, to location-specific placement specifications. Additionally, we configure our services, including hours of operations, to meet the distinct care objectives of our sponsors and needs of the target patient population.

The OnMed Care Station Experience

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    The OnMed Care Station is carefully sanitized using UV lighting

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    Privacy when in use with LCD glass that is fogged completely when activated

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    Services available to anyone, anywhere, including rural and remote areas

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    Works with major insurance and only a fraction of the cost of a traditional doctor's office visit

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    HIPAA compliant transfer and storage of all patient data using advanced encryption technology

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    Open 7 days a week with extended hours and no appointment needed

Becoming an OnMed Partner

An overview of key partner requirements

3 Year Licensing Agreement
OnMed Care Stations are typically available through a multi-year Licensing Agreement with all terms and conditions spelled out in the Agreement. We offer a variety of configurations and pricing options based on the unique needs of our sponsors. Our customer teams work together with you to determine the best fit for your specific business goals.
OnMed Fees
The OnMed Virtual Care Platform, including the Care Station, OnMed Clinical Staff and necessary service and maintenance are accessed through monthly licensing fees, patient utilization fees and maintenance fees. Additional Marketing and Advertising support and programs are available through separate fee arrangements.
Lead Times and Implementation
OnMed Care Stations can be deployed and operational at the Sponsor location within 4 months from the signing of a Letter of Intent.
Single or Double OnMed Care Stations
The OnMed Care Station is currently available in two different configurations; a Single Room, featuring one patient consult room or a Double Room, featuring two patient consult rooms. Both options include embedded software and servers, and can be configured with or without the Robotic Dispensing System.
Location & Installation Requirements
The free-standing OnMed Care Station requires sufficient available square footage and ceiling height to accommodate the Single or Double Care Station. Additionally, the Care Station requires a dedicated high-speed internet connection and power outlet. The Care Station operates in common indoor HVAC controlled conditions which is secure and monitored. For custom-installed locations, other than a free-standing location, OnMed requires additional implementation time and potential fees.
Maintenance and Cleaning
Daily cleaning and maintenance due to normal patient traffic is the responsibility of the Sponsor.
Publicity and Marketing
All Sponsor driven publicity and marketing that utilizes the trademarks, images, technical information or general OnMed marketing information or content requires the approval of OnMed before distribution or release.

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Reference OnMed Contract No. 22-205