OnMed Station - Instant Med Solutions Clinician Access OnMed Station - Instant Medical Solutions - Clinician Accessibility

What's That?

OnMed® Station Consultation Room


UV Sanitation

Ultraviolet air and surface sanitation

Diagnostic Tool Deployment

Multiple diagnostic tools can deploy from the ceiling, including High quality macro HD camera for close up images of your eye, legions or back of your throat.

Thermal Imaging

Medical Grade Infrared thermal imaging for non invasive temperature readings

Touch Screen Access

Provides life size real time video experience. All you have to do is press start and we do the rest.

Hand Sanitizer

Help us keep the room clean for the next patient.

Medication Dispensing Bay

Easy deployment from our internal robotics system.

Blood pressure monitoring device

Accurate blood pressure measurments provided during each consultation.

Pulse Oximeter

Accurate oxygen level measurements.

Retractable Seating

High capacity seating that can hold up to 600 lbs.