OnMed Station - Vertical Solutions

OnMed Vertical Solutions

Each vertical below has its own unique advantages:

The OnMed Station is available for deployment in multiple locations. See below to see how OnMed is changing healthcare around the world.

  • All formularies are based on the host locations
  • There are NO Scheduled Narcotic medications in the Pharmacy Vault
  • Insurance will be/can be accepted
  • 24 access to care is available
  • Co-branding opportunities (65 inch TV display/doors)
  • HIPAA and ADA compliant
  • Live transfer to a Clinicians and Pharmacists
  • Consult, diagnosis, prescription dispense!
  • Station is sanitized with UVC lighting and ionized air after every visit
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    Large Employers

    OnMed is helping large employers get care when it's needed. Read More

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    OnMed is helping students get care around the clock. Read More

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    OnMed is available for travelers and its employees 24/7. Read More

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    Healthcare Systems

    OnMed is available for healthcare workers and their patients. Read More

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    Government / VA

    OnMed is helping Veterans and their families get quality healthcare. Read More