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How long does a consultation take?
Your initial visit to the OnMed® Station as a new patient will take less than 15 minutes on average. Subsequent visits can be completed in just 8 to 12 minutes. Patients, however, are not on the clock — no time limit is placed on a visit. With numerous physicians available, patients do not have to wait long before a consult begins. OnMed® also is developing a Mobile Station to handle heavier patient traffic that occurs during flu season so that patients can get in and out as efficiently as possible.
How much does an OnMed® Station visit cost?
Typically, less than a walk-in clinic or the ER. The cost is comparable to a doctor’s office visit or a telemedicine encounter. But the exact cost will depend on the financial model established by the host location. Of course, employers who host a Station will likely allow employees to visit free of charge. Additionally, colleges might build the cost of a Station visit into tuition.
How do I know the doctor I’m talking to in the OnMed® Station is qualified?
All OnMed® doctors are board certified or board eligible. In addition, all the OnMed® Stations in the United States will be staffed with only U.S. based clinicians and assistants and are licensed in the state where it’s located. In fact, a visit to an OnMed® Station is like visiting a doctor’s office and seeing a physician’s diplomas on the wall — patients who step into the OnMed® Station will see their doctor’s credentials displayed on the screen.
Can children use the OnMed® Station?
OnMed® imposes no age restrictions as long as a child has parental consent.
Why OnMed®? Can’t I just use my phone to get my medication?
A smartphone is a technological wonder, but pales in comparison to the advanced technologies of the OnMed® Station. Most important, it can’t dispense a medication.

What are the chances I will leave with my prescription?
Very good, actually. The OnMed® Station is like a mini-pharmacy and can dispense hundreds of common medications. If something isn’t in stock, the Station prints out a written prescription or e-prescribes one to your favorite pharmacy. OnMed®, however, will not prescribe scheduled drugs. Depending on the unique needs of the host site, that may change in the future. For example, governmental institutions like Veterans Administration hospitals could opt for scheduled drugs inside the Station.
How sanitary in the OnMed® station?
The OnMed® Station uses ultraviolet lighting to ensure that the air and all surfaces are free of pathogens, making the station typically cleaner than the average doctor’s office, walk-in clinic or emergency room. Additionally, all surfaces inside the Station are highly reflective, even under the seating area, which allows the UV lighting to sanitize even the smallest crevices. Field maintenance staff also will regularly clean and disinfect the Station.
What technologies does the OnMed® station use to examine patients?
Currently, height, weight, blood pressure, and thermal imaging capture basic vitals. High definition cameras allow doctors to see and capture images of patient concern.
If I need a doctor’s note for work, how does that work?
A note can be sent electronically once an employer’s contact information is provided.
What if someone vomits in the OnMed® Station?
The OnMed® Station isn’t a subway car. If someone gets sick, it’s recorded on camera and the door is locked so no other patient can use it before OnMed® staff can conduct a thorough cleaning. The camera also comes in handy when someone forgets a purse, wallet or anything else, allowing staff to reunite the owner with the forgotten item.

How private is the OnMed® station?
It’s as private as any doctor’s office. Directional speakers can be heard by the patient but not someone outside the Station. Switchable glass - once the patient enters the Station - provides visual privacy.
What security measures are in place for patient safety?
Each Station is equipped with high-definition cameras that are monitored 24/7 both inside and outside the unit. Additionally, once a patient enters the Station, the door locks and prevents anyone else from entering.
How am I billed for a visit?
Payment methods vary. The OnMed® Station accepts credit cards, cash and most major insurance plans. Medicare is also accepted
Is an OnMed® Station visit reimbursable by Medicare and Medicaid?
In some cases, yes. But that also depends on the state where the Station is located. In rural areas, reimbursement is highly likely
Can my primary care doctor receive medical information about my OnMed® Station visit?
Yes. Patients have the option of sharing information about their OnMed® consultation with their primary care doctor or specialist

Is my information protected?
The OnMed® Station is no different than your doctor’s office or hospital in placing the highest premium on patient privacy. The Station is fully HIPAA compliant. Patient records are not stored in the unit, all data is transferred to a secure cloud server and OnMed® staff has undergone extensive privacy training to protect your medical records.
Where is the OnMed® Station located, inside or outside?
The current Station is designed for interior locations, such as a medical center, airports, universities, or large employers. But OnMed® is also developing fully self-contained mobile units
What hours will OnMed® Stations be open?
That’s up to the host location. The Station is capable of operating 24/7
How many Stations will OnMed® build?
The company is well positioned for rapid expansion. OnMed® is currently in high-level talks with several health care systems, universities and major airports throughout the United States, as well as several.
Does the OnMed® station accept health insurance?
Yes. OnMed® will accept most major insurance.

What is OnMed® and what does the name mean?
OnMed® is a health technology company using strategic partnerships to revolutionize health care delivery. The name OnMed® was chosen because we are offering on-site medical services.
What is the value of the Station’s equipment?
OnMed® Stations are not for sale. To maintain brand integrity, OnMed® does not offer its proprietary technology for purchase, nor does it offer franchises
Can patients easily access records from past consultations?
Yes, all data belongs to the patient. Records are securely stored electronically and can easily be sent to the patient.
Does OnMed® have access to my medical history?
As is true when visiting any new doctor, a medical history is not available unless the patient gives it to OnMed®
What are OnMed®’s future goals?
Our goals are intertwined with our mission statement: To provide greater access to quality health care and affordable prices globally.
How can healthcare providers with comprehensive medical backgrounds learn more about bringing an OnMed® Station into their environment?
OnMed® has a document (PDF) specifically written for healthcare professionals that they can request.